Open Book Club at The Red Lion

9 years 1 week ago #194 by Nicholas Young
A group of customers have been running a book club for the last 12 months at the Red Lion, this has been very successful and interesting and the opportunity for people who like to read, get the opportunity to read books others have suggested and to talk about likes and dislikes of the book they are reading.

There have been books they have chosen that have been made into a film which they watched to compare to the book and a book they was made into a play at the local theatre. It is a great social night with plenty of lively discussion all over a selection of cheese and biscuits and wine.

OPEN BOOK CLUB would welcome more people wishing to join a local book club to join us at the RED LION PUB, the first Monday of every month starts at 8.00 pm. cost £1.

The next book club is Monday 6th July you would be made very welcome.

This months book chosen was Two brothers written by Ben Elton so if you fancy joining us on the 6th July for our next book meeting you can read this months book and join in the discussions.

The book must be a paperback or kindle edition to keep costs down Bring your suggestion for the next book which will be put in a box and the next book will be drawn from the suggestions and so forth each month.

Great way to meet new people and make new friends, any age,adult boys and girls welcome.

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9 years 1 week ago #195 by Jennifer Britt
i will definitely come to next meeting. Could you tell everyone about Jake Wallis Simons coming to Chobham Festival on September 30th for ChobLit - it's a weekday morning. £7.50 tickets for talk and drink

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