Jay Rayner rates Stovell's but not Surrey's

6 years 1 month ago - 6 years 1 month ago #77 by Jennifer Britt
Not sure how many Observer readers there are in Chobham but Fernando and Kristy Stovell of Stovell's at Burrow Hill must be delighted with Jay Rayner's restaurant review on Sunday. "Stovell's is a jolly good place to go eat," is his summing up.

He's got mixed opinions about the locals, though.

Some of us are "interesting, forward-thinking, lovely liberal people," according to Jay. It's all the other ones, he can't stand... "the miserable sods who live surrounded by manicured lawns and carriage-drive garlanded houses, who drive four-by-fours... "

Oooooh, hope he doesn't mean me.

Enjoy the read... http://tiny.cc/df2uow
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