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Ribbons of Time

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A new play for the millennium by Liz Beck

To celebrate the millennium, Chobham Festival presented Ribbons of Time, a play for the whole family, starring your village. It was action packed with exciting events, past and present. Audience members from Chobham village were bound to recognize some of the cast!

The play performances took place on Saturday October 7th 2000 at 7.30pm and Sunday October 8th 2000 at 2.30pm. At St Lawrence Church, Chobham.

Ribbons of Time took us on a journey through time in a play that is really funny, sometimes sad and poignant but always interesting. An event not to be missed. Come and join in the fun.

Ribbons of Time…….A Play for Chobham………

What was it all about?

Ribbons Of Time was written in the form of short scenes covering the high points of Chobham’s history. We pay a visit to Saxon Chief Cebba, hear St Lawrence stand up against Roman tyranny, watch Queen Victoria review her troops on Chobham Common and eventually come right up to date with a cameo of modern life. Children feature in several scenes about school, church and home life, as well as in cameo parts elsewhere. There’s humour, sadness, history - as well as a caring message in the words of a Native American Chief - and on top of that, the whole thing is great fun!

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