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Brilliant - Chobham is getting a new bike shop

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Andrew and Paul started Brilliant Bikes selling spares and accessories on the Internet five years ago. Now they are opening a shop in Chobham, which is where they live, in the old Flora Lou shop int he High Street, next door to What Nots.

They specialise in Brompton folding bike spares and accessories because they like the fact that they are made in England and have built up a group of regular customers.

The plan has always been to expand to a shop - selling complete bikes as well as spares, and offering service / repair.

Their aim is to get people cycling - and as a form of transport as well as just for recreation. This is why the Brompton is so great as you can put it in your car, or cycle to the station, take it on the train, and store under your desk.

Shop Opening in August

They are hoping to open in August, depending on planning and building progress. The premises needs quite a bit of work to get it into tip top condition, get rid of the rising damp and cure the drain blocking problem.

They chose Chobham because it's their home village and thought it would help the local community and perhaps draw visitors to other shops.

Jennifer Britt

Jennifer is a regular contributor to Chobham.Net and is also the webmaster of the St Lawrence & St Saviour Chobham Parish website.

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