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Eco-credentials are paramount for The Southern Co-operative’s new Chobham store

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Artists impression of the new Coop store Artists impression of the new Coop store

The eco-credentials of The Southern Co-operative’s new community food store in Chobham have been central to the store’s development, which opens on Wednesday 12 December 2012.

The Southern Co-operative’s (TSC) new Chobham store is embracing the latest methods to reduce energy consumption. The building structure is timber framed using wood from sustainable sources, and insulated in excess of normal Building Regulation requirements to reduce both heat loss in cold weather and the heating effects of warm weather. This means that the store’s refrigeration won’t need to work so hard. Inside, the new store will use natural refrigerants to run the chillers and freezers, and chiller cabinets will be fitted with sliding doors to reduce energy by 50%. A renewable energy source air source heat pump will be used for heating and hot water, instead of a traditional gas or electric system. The tills and refrigeration operate on energy from renewable sources including hydro-electric and wind power from Co-operative-owned wind farms. The store will utilise ultra low-energy LED throughout, which will save at least 75% of conventional lighting energy costs. Whilst the size and orientation of the store means there isn’t enough roof area to accommodate solar panels sufficient to meet all the store’s needs, there will be enough solar power generated to light the back-of-house areas. This will be complemented by the use of natural lighting and sun pipes to minimise the need for artificial light usage in the store.

Chobham’s TSC Store Leader Séamus Kearns said: "The total reduction in carbon usage every year in this one store alone will be roughly the equivalent of driving your car around the earth five times or taking a bus all the way to the Moon. As a company, The Southern Co-operative is committed to safeguarding the environment in which we all live and work. Rather than offsetting our emissions by buying carbon credits that support environmental projects abroad, we’re addressing energy issues within our business and also supporting environmental projects within the communities that we trade."

To mark the opening of The Southern Co-operative’s new Chobham store, TSC is donating £500 to Surrey Search and Rescue, a charity for which Séamus volunteers. With the help of his dog Merlin, Séamus works alongside Surrey police to find missing and lost people, most frequently children and the elderly. Séamus added: “I’m really looking forward to working closely with the Chobham community with the opening of this new TSC store. We’ll be launching a Community Support Card scheme too, which gives local charities the opportunity to bid for a donation of up to £10,000, so do come and visit the store to find out how you can apply.”

The Southern Co-operative store is located on Bagshot Road, Chobham and opens at 10am on Wednesday 12 December.  Séamus and his colleagues will also be serving free mince pies from The Southern Co-operative trailer outside the new store at Chobham’s late night shopping evening on Friday 7 December.

For more details on the late night shopping at the Chobham Christmas Extravaganza, visit the village calendar.

For more details on the Southern Co-operative, visit


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