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Chobham Diamond Jubilee mugs

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The Chobham Diamond Jubilee Mug The Chobham Diamond Jubilee Mug

The Chobham Diamond Jubilee mugs have finally arrived! They have the Chobham logo on one side and a picture of the Queen with all the heraldry on the other.

Earlier this year, Children under 16 years old were able to apply for a free Chobham Diamond Jubilee mug. The full article can be read here

Extras have been ordered so that anyone who didn't order one can buy them.  The mugs cost £5 each, and they will go on sale outside the Chobham Museum ( at the village open evening on the 7th December.

Those children who have applied and who qualify for free mugs will either receive them at St Lawrence School or will be able to collect them at the Village Open Evening.

For more details on the Chobham village open evening, read the calendar page

Wendy Bentall

Wendy has lived in Chobham for over 25 years, and has served on the Chobham Parish Council for more than half of those years.

Currently Wendy is a member of the Chobham Museum committee.

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