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Practical Harvest at Chobham Churches

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The churches in Chobham and Valley End always collect a good harvest - but not of the conventional kind.

Secondhand bicycles, text books, writing materials for schools, haberdashery and even old tights have been among the collections in the past.

This year the collection is of the most basic of essentials, cleaning products: kitchen and bathroom sprays, floor and window cleaner, washing up liquid, hand soap, washing up bowls, buckets, dusters mops, scrubbing brushes and Marigolds.

It will be made good use of by The Besom Woking, a group which is part of a national network of The Besom, giving practical help to people facing hardship.

Help by Recycling Furniture

Volunteers clean, decorate and repair homes and fix gardens and also help by recycling furniture and other items in good condition for which their previous owners have no further use but are desperately needed by someone else.

Our cleaning product harvest will be used to help people being rehoused in emergency situations with no money and few possesions to get their new homes into a clean and comfortable state.

Please support this appeal by bringing donations to the porch of St Lawrence Church in Chobham High Street. You will also be most welcome to bring them along to the Harvest Festival Service on Sunday 13th October at 10 o'clock when St Lawrence should be full of cleaning products!

Jennifer Britt

Jennifer is a regular contributor to Chobham.Net and is also the webmaster of the St Lawrence & St Saviour Chobham Parish website.

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