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Charity Abseil for Guildford Cathedral

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Our local County Councillor, Lavinia Sealy, is going to do a charity abseil for Guildford Cathedral.

She is going to abseil from the top of Guildford Cathedral Tower next week! This is 162 feet in height – and she has never abseiled before!

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Why be so crazy?

I am trying to raise awareness of the Cathedral –
its importance for the whole of Surrey;
the central place it plays for so many organisations - voluntary and charitable;
its history, architecture & heritage – its beauty
its spiritual mission & its social mission & its sublime music.

and the fact that it was built through public subscription – people “ buying bricks”
and the recent realisation that it needs money now - for repair and modernisation if it is to continue to fulfil its role – - for the whole of Surrey -

This year the Cathedral has celebrated the 50th Anniversary since its consecration.
Like any building of this age it now needs repair; the roof is leaking; some of the windows have fallen through; there is asbestos to deal with; the loos need refurbishing; and above all the whole building needs to be modernised with better sound, better lighting.

The music needs underpinning with more funds. The adults – lay clerks – who sing every day need more funding; the young people in the choirs – both boys and girls – continue to need funding – and the outreach work for children for the surrounding area who participate in the Sing-Up programme allowing them to learn something of the wonders of music and learning to sing – need more funds now that the government has ceased to fund this local programme.

Please help me to raise lots of money – by sponsoring m;, by spreading the word amongst your friends and neighbours;, and by raising awareness of this great modern cathedral in our midst which is funded entirely by public subscription.

This is our cathedral - let’s support it!

Nicholas Young

The original creator of the Chobham Net back in 1999. Founding director of Reaper Enterprises Ltd and Nicholas Young & Co Photography (
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