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World Hypnobirthing Day - March 2019

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Paula Lavandeira is a senior midwife with more than 11 years of experience and an international Hypnobirthing teacher since 2015.

Paula Lavandeira is offering The Nurtured Munchkin course this weekend 23rd and 24th of March at the Chobham Parish Pavilion and because this Thursday is World Hypnobirthing Day, she is offering some spaces for half price!

I am very passionate about natural and normal birth but also about making a more medicalized birth less scary. I am always finding new ways to guide and help women to achieve a great birth experience and to move into motherhood with ease and confidence. I am very excited for you and I am looking forward to working with you.

I teach hypnobirthing to couples that want the best for themselves and their babies; to those that want to gain all the knowledge possible to enable them to make the right decisions for them and their babies; to those who have all sorts of fears, doubts and questions about childbirth and postpartum.

I have been working for the past 4 years in my course as I want to give you the best techniques, tools and up to date information about pregnancy, birth and beyond. My courses are unique as I have taking in consideration all the feedback received during my 11 years as a midwife, including all the emotional and sociological aspects of having a baby and not just the physiological aspect of the woman’s body.

Every single person, couple or group who attend my classes gain the right knowledge to overcome their fears, their past histories and all the preconceptions around birth embedded in their brains since childhood. It does not matter if the class is done in person one-to-one, in groups or via internet (Skype or Zoom). The results are guaranteed, you will gain the confidence and power desired to achieve the most positive and calm birth experience.

However, to achieve this you will have to practice at least 10 minutes a day during pregnancy. This is not a quick fix or like a magic trick. I will guide you throughout this process but the answer is within you.

During my course you and your partner will learn all about how the mind and body works, all sorts of tools to release fear, to reset your thoughts, the best positions for labour, how to act when things do not go as planned, nutrition, what to expect once you have your baby at home… to mention some. It is a very dynamic and logical course. With all my experience as a midwife I will adapt the course to your own needs, to stay safe and confident.

My aim is to help as many parents as possible to enjoy birth as much as I do. Change your thoughts and you will change the circumstances.

To learn more about Paula Lavandeira and The Nurtured Munchkin, visit http://www.thenurturedmunchkin.co.uk/ 

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