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Improving Chobham.net

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Chobham.net's new responsive look Chobham.net's new responsive look

Designed for a mobile audience, Chobham.net's new website is responsive; it provides the same experience for users who are browsing from their tablets or smartphones as those browsing from a desktop or laptop.  No more pinching/zooming/scrolling across to view desired content, it's now made to fit your device.


Our main goal is to make this online community work for you, the residents & visitors to Chobham.  Whenever we redesign Chobham.net, we take into account user feedback, analytics data & how the web is evolving.  This is the 4th iteration of Chobham.net since its launch in 1999 & the redesign was sparked by the ubiquity of tablets in the Village.  We've also tidied up the navigation & made the homepage more dynamic.  

The homepage has always been focused on providing information relevant to Villagers and includes recent articles, message board posts & a look at upcoming events.  All of this lovely information, provided by you (thank you!) is dynamically pulled to keep the homepage fresh & up to date with what's going on in Chobham.

Even though we're getting better & smarter, so are SPAM-bots so contributing to the website is by sign up only.  Signing up is free &, aside from the reCaptcha (which is needed to prove you're a human), relatively painless so please do join us online.  We're always looking for people to contribute articles, images & keep the Village informed of what's on with the Village Diary.

If you run a business in Chobham, the directory is one of the most popular pages, so please keep your business information up to date.  Again, you can sign up to add or edit a directory entry.

Share your ideas on how we can improve Chobham.net over on the message board.



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